Interesting Thoughts on Law Firm Hiring Decisions

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This article is food for thought for law firms, many of which, over the years, have elevated academic credentials and achievements into exclusive, rigid hiring criteria (perhaps unintentionally) — to the detriment of candidates with initiative, valuable life experience and street-smarts:

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10 Rules for Job Interview Success

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 [Note:  The original of the following article can be found on the Lexis Hub of the LexisNexis Communities website.] The recent employment figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing smaller-than-expected gain in payrolls underscore a profound challenge facing today’s job seekers.  Even as we lurch out of the Great Recession, the anemic pace of job creation marks what economists are calling a “jobless recovery” far different from past post-recession periods.    Job candidates must contend with a cut-throat job...

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Todd Moster’s Top 10 Tips for Job Interviews

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1. RESEARCH THE COMPANY AND JOB RESPONSIBILITIES BEFORE YOU GO IN FOR THE INTERVIEW:Make yourself an expert on the company or firm you’ll be talking to, and the job you’re applying for. You’ll be more focused, will naturally ask better questions, and will impress employers with your diligence. 2. PREPARE: Lack of preparation is the biggest mistake candidates make before they go in for an interview. Talk to any house painter about the most important thing he does, and he’ll tell you it’s all about the prep. The actual painting is an...

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Worst Job Interview. Ever.

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Worst Job Interview Ever – The most amazing bloopers are...

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