“Accessible, Insightful & Hugely Valuable…” *

“This timely guide is an accessible, insightful, winning pre­sentation of hugely valuable information. Moster shows job seekers in every field how to turn interviewing—an often an intimidating, mysterious process—into a golden opportunity to shine.”

Doug Levinson, Business Consultant; Adjunct Professor, University of Southern California; Principal, Strategy that Rocks; Author, 75/25, 3/4 of an MBA, 1/4 of the Grief!



A conversational primer that offers calming, common-sense advice about a particularly stressful part of the job search.”

 – Kirkus Reviews, April 29, 2013

Todd Moster has done it again. The Second Edition of The Underground Guide to Job Interviewing packs an even bigger punch. Same fun and conversational tone, with even more practical information, such as sample interview questions.  Todd Moster has been in the interview trenches for years.  He knows his stuff. This is a great resource for any professional who wants to ace their next job interview.”

Gideon Grunfeld, Esq., President, Successful Career Strategies, Inc., Founder, Law Firm University

Don’t read this book unless you’re ready to quit your boring job and start interviewing for the one you really want. Todd Moster’s mix of practical advice and good-natured silliness delivers the keys to your new corner office.”

David Ackert, President, The Ackert Advisory; Founder, Practice Boomers; Author


If you think about it, accomplishing anything in this world comes down to effective communication skills in a one-on-one situation.  Todd Moster’s book provides the basis for succeeding in this arena.  As a former Foreign Service Officer for two U.S. Presidents, member of the President’s Executive Office, Army Intelligence Officer and public policy advisor, I’ve seen these skills come up continually.  It could be interviewing for a job or visa application, creating rapport with an intelligence source or seeking admission to a first rank university; it could be seeking a date or asking for business during a sales meeting.  Whatever the situation, there are certain sure-fire ways to vault over competitors vying for the same benefits, and The Underground Guide seems to have uncovered them all.  I highly recommend Mr. Moster’s amusing, helpful and very wise guidebook to professional achievement.”

Godfrey (Jeff) Harris, Author, Public Policy Consultant


 ”[A] must-read for anyone who anticipates a job interview with any degree of trepidation…If you are going to be going through job interviews, especially for a professional position, read this book. Then read it again.”

– Bill Saleebey, Ph.D., Author, Connecting: Beyond the Name Tag

…[A]n irreverent yet essential guide…to leapfrog the job-hunting competition…It’s easier to find a job when you have a job, but it’s easier still when you follow Todd’s unique advice.”

– Marty Rudoy, Esq., Attorney and Partner at Rudoy Fleck, Los Angeles, California

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